Our Game and Puzzle Masters

Each of our hand selected Game and Dungeon Masters bring their own magical personalities to game play. Some masters are comedians and add some snarky humor to the experience, others are in touch with their inner child, and yes we even have a game nazi.

Patsy “Dr. Harmony” Evans

Chief Experience Officer

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Sexologist. I believe that our culture has created a mental health crisis by reducing the importance of human connection and recreation. Not cool! So … determined to have a massive positive influence to facilitate change, the idea for Therapy Pub was conceived.

Our Game & Puzzle Masters are here to facilitate the most EPIC game night experience for you!

So welcome to Therapy Pub … sit down, chill out and never be afraid to have your “game face” on!

Robert “Joker” Bernhardt

Dungeon Master and a Game Master

My name is Robert Bernhardt, professional Game Master (GM) for Therapy Pub! I’m the kind of GM who likes to be well-read on the rulebook and watch the mayhem as my players use all of the tools at their disposal to succeed. Every game has countless little tips and tricks to get an edge, and I’m here to teach you how to exploit them to your heart’s content!

I am a certified Geek Therapy Game Master, and I have years of experience in running tabletop games in a GM capacity.

My preferred games to run are Settlers of Catan and Lords of Waterdeep. Two relatively easy to pick up, yet strategic games with a bottomless mechanical depth to explore.

Nicki “The Unicorn” Line

Dungeon Master and a Game Master

My name is Nicki Line, a licensed mental counselor and clinical sexologist, and the Pubs resident Unicorn. Yes, we do exist. I am a Certified Geek Therapist and Therapeutic Game Master. My game mastering is more rule of cool. While I like rules because they provide structure, I enjoy having a fun and memorable experience more. For example, if a rule is vague, I will tend to side with the player versus the rule book or if it will enhance your game play experience.

My preferred games to run include Unstable Unicorns, Everdell, and Settlers of Catan. All wonderful venues for adventure, connection, and snark. I mean where else can you have a gaming experience run by a genuine unicorn.

Jimmy “Chips” Evans

Puzzle and Trivia Master

My name is Jim Evans, and I am a Game and Puzzle Master at Therapy Pub! As an international speaker and performer, I have hosted events across the globe. I can help you understand the nuances of any of our games to maximize the enjoyment of your time with us.

I am your host for our weekly trivia and pub quiz nights. I also specialize in bespoke puzzle experiences for you and your gaming group.

My favorite games to run are collaborative, like Pandemic. I am especially adept at guiding groups through “legacy” versions of games, where the games change over the course of several sessions.